Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide in order to have my idea turned into a garment?
A detailed sketch, a sample with notes on it, a couple of samples which exhibit certain characteristics you wish to combine, or "all of the above" could be provided.  The more information you provide, the closer we'll get to your idea on the first try. Also, download our Prototype Order Form, fill in as much information as you can, and send it along with your other information.

Do you sell patterns of existing garments?
No, we only make custom patterns per order.  Once the pattern is made and the transaction complete, the pattern is yours and cannot be sold to anyone else.

Do I need to send fabric to you for you to make my First Sample?
Usually.  It is best to develop the sample in the fabric you'll use for production.  If this is not possible, choose a fabric which best exhibits the characteristics of the fabric you find important. If you cannot find a fabric, it is possible we may have something in stock which could be substituted.

Do I need to send all the trim items to you for you to make my First Sample?
Proprietary trims (labels, logos, etc) and other special trims which are instrumental in achieving your "look" should be provided.  We can supply certain basic trim items.

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